19th – 23rd Nov. 2012 Visit to Munich, Germany. First partnership meeting to get to know partners, agree project timings and activities, confirm roles and responsibilities and agree on evaluation questionnaires. Debate and discussion on final outcome of the project. Take part in practical workshops with client groups. Roles agreed and action points set out for next meeting. (more)

4th – 8th March 2013 Visit to Osimo, Italy. Each country presented a film of their work and discussed progress of the project. Involvement in Art Workshops and Drama Performances by clients. Start compiling guidelines. Review evaluations. Share design developments of logo and website. Roles agreed for work between and next meeting. (more)

6th – 10th May 2013 Visit to Clermont Ferrand, France. Complete all work on logo. Review and change website as necessary – agree on responsibilities for updating and adding new articles and films. Continue work on guidelines and agree on responsibilities for next meeting. Participate in practical workshops with clients. Review evaluations of previous meetings. Plan next meetings, future workshops and dissemination. (more)

23rd – 27th September 2013 Visit to Edinburgh, Scotland. Group were given presentation by Germany. Discussion took place around the different aspects and expectations. Italy then presented DVD evidence of their progress on `the Tempest’ which had been undertaken over the summer. France brought to the meeting a DVD of workshops. They also provided photographs and dialogue which could be used in the guidelines. Scotland circulated photographs and dialogue of their suggestions for inclusion in the guidelines. The day commenced with a tour around the Canaan Lane Campus of The Royal Blind School, where members were able to view residential and class areas and resources. Members were able to observe practice.(more)

31st March – 4th April 2014 Visit to Clermont Ferrand, France. Group met and watched a production of the Tempest by Lee Voirien. Group met and watched a production of the Tempest by „Die Blindgänger“, munich. Reflection and discussion on both productions of the Tempest. Information was collated and discussed and then first draft of the guidelines was compiled. Dissemination: Initial discussions – final draft programme issued at meeting (more)

Last meeting:

Italy, Osimo                                12th – 16th May 2014