Meeting in Osimo


Meeting in Osimo

4th-7th March 2013

Tuesday 5st March

Introduction of the daily programMeeting in Osimo

  • further proposals for the agenda and
    agreements to a changed agenda
  • Evaluation
    Review of the conference in Munich
    Results of the evaluation of our meeting in Munich
    What findings should we just transpose in Osimo
  • Project webpage
  • Logo
  • Guidelines
    Main principles to be observed in terms of advice, resources and materials for  professionals working in the theater’s work with MDVI.
    We will analyze this and create a set of guidelines to be used by any professionals working with MDVI in the area of theatre

Visit  to the rehabilitation centre

Wednesday 6th of March.

’The Tempest’Osimo
examples of the work how we plan to integrate it into the theatre work
The significance of the results for our guideline practice and visions,
discuss how to join  the different ideas
•    Practicalities of being on stage and having things in place
•    Methodologies used for this client group.
•    Establishing a structure and formulation of the first draft

Examples and concrete ideas for implementation of „The Tempest“
•    e.g. script, Cast, and text equipment
•    Definition of responsibilities
•    Involvement of our clients
Visit to the tactile museum in Ancona

Thursday  7th of March

Dissemination planMeeting in Osimo
DVD Production of the different work from each partner country.
What Equipment will be compatible for editing the material.(Storyboard)
How we can show the process arising  the production until the final result in Osimo
financing and personal support
Summary and Evaluation
Agreements for the next meeting in Clermont
Visit to the caves of Frasassi