Minutes Clermont-Ferrand 3st March – 4th April 2014

Monday 31st March 2014

Group met and watched a production of the Tempest by Lee Voirien. This was followed by a meal.

Tuesday 1st April 2014

Present: Michael, Aine, Jan, Nicolleta, Gianni, Fiametta, Celine, Guy

Michael welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Michael reviewed and discussed agenda for next few days.

The notes from the meeting in Edinburgh were circulated.

The video from Italy cannot be placed on IMAGINE home page due to difficulties with copyright. It may be possible to create original music.

Italy produced new DVD footage to show the other countries.

Discussion took place around the steps taken to achieve the outcome viewed.
Clients need to be very comfortable in the roles before they can begin to learn the text. Step 1 needs to be that clients are secure.

The DVD of the second step could be shown on the website and this could highlight the challenges.
This should be seen as a positive challenge, not a barrier to working with MDVI clients. The text should not be a barrier; it can be changed to meet the needs of the client group.

A discussion took place around the different emotions, actions and experiences contained within the Tempest.

Different steps are very important to be included in the guidelines.
It is especially difficult to learn text with deaf clients.
Expressions must be brought out in the theatre.

The production from France used lots of text. Between January and March this was the only text actors from France worked on.
France again emphasised it was very important to feel the emotion of the characters prior to learning text.
Different methods had to be used to learn text. These included Braille, use of audio equipment. It is also important to ensure that clients without verbal communications have the opportunity to participate. This can be done through use of repetition and rhythm.

If the feeling is there then it is the same commitments to theatre, even without the use of formal text. The steps of the process need highlighted in the guidelines.

There should be a strong statement at the beginning of the guidelines. Different methods, ideas and experiences should be included. This could be supported by photographs.
The photographs need reviewed. Photographs need to be gathered from every participating country, however these should explain the different methods used.

Discussions took place around the continuing work on the Tempest in the participating countries.

Scotland expressed that it was very powerful to see MDVI clients with very complex needs participating in theatre in a meaningful way.

Discussions took place around it is also important to look at the use of music within theatre.
Music can help clients build an understanding of the text.
Vocalisations from clients can also be used.

These can all help build the emotional connection.
Varying emotions can be expressed within the emotion of the music.
Music ca help clients express themselves.

Structure of guidelines

Music – Words should be included in the guidelines
Steps of the process need to be included.
Spend time creating context through music, physical movement, objects, materials, props
Examples from the tempest should be used throughout to illustrate methods used.

Information was collated and discussed and then first draft of the guidelines was compiled.

In the evening the Group viewed a production of The Tempest by the client group from Germany, followed by a buffet meal with the actors from both France and Germany.

Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Group joined by Kuni

Meeting began with reflection and discussion on both productions of the Tempest.

Dissemination discussion:-Larger group for guidelines –Teachers, National agency, Parents, Clients, Board of institutes.

Home page: – A review of the home page was undertaken by member countries.
Photos from Edinburgh to be sent to Michael. Notes from Edinburgh to be emailed to Michael. Newsletter to be compiled of Edinburgh meeting by Italy, Germany, Scotland.

Photos of artists from Clermont and Munich should be sent to Michael for inclusion.

Dissemination: – 12th – 17th May 2014 Initial discussions – final draft programme issued at meeting

Arrive 12th May 2014

Tuesday 13th May – Am Project work, PM Rehearsal for theatre performances.

Wednesday 14th May – AM Project work – Set up for dissemination event. PM Performance of French/Italian work.
3-5pm Dissemination, 5.30pm Performance
Time slots need to be very clear and adhered to during dissemination.

Intro Patrizia 5 mins, each country 3 mins max each.
General presentation – including homepage

Dissemination programme

3pm France performance
3.45pm Intro Patrizia – 5 mins
3.50pm Scotland – 15mins, France 3mins, Germany 15mins, Italy 5mins
4.30pm Homepage 5mins
4.35pm Guidelines talk by Jan 10mins
5pmPerformance Italy
5.40pm Conclusion – Michael and Patrizia

Approx. 5 clients per workshop.
Workshop will last for approx. 1 hour – all will run at the same time.
1 workshop – music – Scotland – Children – AM 15/5
1 workshop French clients PM15/5, Caleramo PM 15/5

Karl will be available to work with French clients as well as Italian clients when Osimo as he will not be involved with project meetings.

Karl is also available Friday AM. Will join with Music department.
Staff will be allocated to accompany and assist Karl

15th May 2014
Members will spend day preparing final report. Presentation work should be undertaken prior to the meeting at Osimo.

Evaluation will be incorporated into final day.

The afternoon was spent at an exhibition about the Changing world, followed by a meal.

Thursday 3rd April

Images for guidelines to be sent to Michael.

Review of what we have done so far and what still has to be completed.

Kuni to put newspaper article and comments on discussion/evaluation of discussion on website.

Kuni to translate article to English and send by email to project members.

Recap discussion on website

For Karl – In Osimo they have 4 drums, cymbals, xylophone, piano, big chimes, thunder drum, 2 guitars, maracas, tambourines, little bells – they will get a violin, Speakers for iPad, iPhone.
Check with Karl exactly what he needs. Instruments can be put in a car from Munich if extra are needed.

Karl to create a list of what he needs – if not available in Osimo. Michael may be able to bring from Munich.

In Osimo performance – there is live music. It would be good if Karl can join in with this. He can join the Tuesday rehearsal to work this out. Where can he improvise? Good example of cross-cultural working.

Discussion about sound in the theatre. The stage mics should be enough – Michael can bring 5 headsets from Munich if necessary.

France will bring all costumes with them to Munich. Italy to find tables and fabric for Prospero in the French performance.

National events – Publicity in newspapers etc. How will we publicise results- all for final report.
Final reports to be compiled by 31st July. Your own event in own institutes. Best to do this before the deadline. Can write what you are going to do. Event with parents, interested others etc.
In final report need to write up what will happen. It is important to share your results in your own country event.
Can share in other parts of the UK.eg. Go to Dublin, Worcester .. Give a presentation of the event. Munich to go to Holland and present the results.

Website:-Recap on what we have agreed – Jan read out to all reminding everyone of homework.
Michael to change structure of the website on the drop-down menu.
Michael to add new DVD’s to the website
Kuni to make badges/buttons of the logo for Osimo.
For dissemination, we will require display boards.
2 display boards for each organisation. All members responsible for bringing pictures to display.
Laptop/electricity to be provided for running the website or DVD’s in the theatre foyer. Italy to organise.
Tables to be provided(Italy)
Each country to bring information about their organisation. Something about the culture of each county.
Organise something to drink.
Please remember to send photos to Michael ASAP.
Italy will organise the poster for the event with client. A1 size.

Discussion about wording – ‘actors’ ‘performers

Need a paragraph at the beginning of the guidelines – we do not use the word ‘clients’
Discussion about words. Agreement we will use ‘performers’ as the common description of MDVI service users.

Review of timetable for Osimo.