Evaluation 3rd-meeting Clermont-Ferrand


The purpose of this Questionnaire is to gather your comments:
      About how the Project has gone for you to date
      About how working transnationally is helping you
      About how the Project is helping you and your organisation to work
towards its aim

— An Inclusive forum to develop Movement, Action, Gesture, Improvisation, Negotiation and Expression of Multiple Disability Visual Impairment adults



Describe how the Project has gone for you to date?


Good progress has been made in all areas. DVD presentations were viewed and it was good to see what progress has been made by member countries and in the different ways in which they have been working with MDVI clients.


Review was undertaken of the Project website and adaptations and amendments will be made.


Work has also been very productive on creation of a logo, with art work provided.


Interesting to meet with clients from Clermont Ferrand, and to see how they worked. This gave us more of an understanding of the work undertaken. Very good to see members of the group working in their own setting with particular reference made to the work undertaken by Guy, and how inspirational his work can be for other people, both with and without disabilities.


Have any challenges presented themselves as a result of this Meeting, and how did you resolve them?
There was a number of technical difficulties with some parts of the programme. For example, the train on one of the sightseeing trips was not operational, however, it was evident that the group are now working very closely, and were able to talk through the difficulties and work out an alternative programme. There was initially a difference of opinion as to the way in which the dissemination would be presented, but again through open and honest discussion any difficulties were resolved and an initial proposal was put in place for discussion again in Edinburgh.


What positive aspects do you see for yourself and your organisation at this point in working transnationally on the specific subjects of this Project?
Working transnationally gives all members the opportunity to reflect on their practice. An example of this was reflection on the fact that the Project has members from Italy, Germany, France and Scotland who all speak different languages. This reminds us that for many of the clients that we work with who have no, or little verbal communication that life can often be quite isolating and how difficult it can be when you cannot communicate what you want or need. Members are able to share details of the Project are able to share with their clients, and this has resulted in them having more of an understanding of  people with MDVI in other parts of Europe. The production of a DVD will enable professionals in other countries to look at other methods used by other European partners.


Were there any uncertainties about preparing information for the meeting? If yes, what were they? How could this have been made clearer?
  No not on this occasion as lessons had been learnt and adopted from previous meetings. 


What are highlights will you share with colleagues from within your organisation? (Apart from the food and the beer…….)
   Information will be shared with colleagues regarding the logo and website. Knowledge gained about the service in Clermont Ferrand, and lessons and opportunities from the theatre workshops will be shared with colleagues and clients. Information on resources was also helpful and could be shared in home services. Informal discussions about other partner services have also be informative. Visit to the CRDV centre for MDVI people of all ages and stages was helpful and will help inform practice and service development.


What are factors from this Meeting will contribute to your own professional development and how will this influence your daily practice?


See above.



Thinking of THIS Meeting …..


Have you been able to raise and discuss points within the group that you wanted to? If not, please explain why?  
  Yes – discussions were open and honest and members were able to voice their opinions and feel listened too.  


Are you clear about what your Objectives are for the next period? Yes No
  Any comments?
   Yes. Detailed notes were taken and these will be circulated amongst group members will action points clearly highlighted.  


Do you anticipate any problems in meeting these Objectives? Yes No
  Any comments?


Has the Meeting been the right length and format? Yes No
  Any comments?


Have the accommodation and meeting places been satisfactory? Yes No
  Any comments?


Finally, what would you like to see included in the next meeting? (including social aspects)
   Progress DVDs of work being undertaken.Photographs would also be helpfulMore information about dissemination.Tasting of Scottish products such as A man in a kilt!!!Exchanges with music department.The chance to catch up with other RBS colleagues.Braille Press visitArrange with Marketing Dept interview with local press.

Interview with local In site radio company to help with dissemination of Project


9 Any other comments The group thanked members in France for their hospitality, and friendship during the meeting days.  Signed (OPTIONAL):